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The Power of the Giant Check

Does anyone remember the episode of The Office where Michael Scott wants to present a giant check with the earnings from their race “for the cure” for Rabies?  It’s a great episode…and the part about the giant check is especially funny, since the check cost more to make than the profits of the race! I’ve […]

Ironman Wisconsin 2012

Where were you last Sunday?  Unless you were living on the couch all day celebrating the first full day of NFL football (which, don’t get me wrong, is equally as exciting!), you most likely crossed paths with one of the most exciting events in Madison (in my opinion)…the Ironman Wisconsin triathlon!  This was what inspired […]

Zach’s Story

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have an awesome story to share with you all about a boy named Zach.  Those of you who have seen our YouTube video or participated in our Middleton Tri back in August may remember Zach, one of our 375 kids who finished the triathlon!  Zach has cerebral palsy, which (in […]