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Justin, part of Madison Multisport, competes in Ironman Wisconsin 2012

The “Accidental” Ironman

I hope the title of this post doesn’t diminish what my friend, Justin, has accomplished.  I’m extremely proud of what he’s accomplished and how he has transformed his life over the past several years.  I just think the title is fitting, since he happened to stumble upon the Ironman back in 2007.  Many people who […]

Fit as a Family!

Hi everyone, Recently, I emailed all the families who have participated in multiple T4S events for a few reasons.  The first was to thank them for their support, and the second was to get their feedback and ideas on how we can continue to improve.  Finally, and here’s the important one, I wanted to see […]


Staying Fit on Vacation

Greetings blogosphere! Sorry I missed last week’s post, I was in California with my family visiting my sister and some very good friends.  Don’t worry, just because I was on vacation doesn’t mean I was a slacker though.  Our first stop was Vacaville, about an hour north of San Francisco, where I got a 10 mile run […]