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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Since Hanukkah begins tonight at sunset, and we’re one week away from Christmas Eve, I thought it would be fitting to write a short little holiday blog post this week.  You’re likely receiving greeting cards from plenty of friends and family, so just pretend this one was mailed to you and you can put it […]

I'm also learning to be a mom of two!

Time off? What I do in the “off-season”

At this time of year, when the number of outdoor athletic events start to dwindle, I usually start getting questions about what I am working on, along with comments like “It must be nice to have a break for a few months.”  Sometimes I find it a bit frustrating, but mostly I chalk it up […]

giving tuesday t4s

#GivingTuesday Wrap-up

This was a big week for Tri 4 Schools.  More importantly, it was a big week for 20% of our participants.  One in five kids in our events and programs participates via our scholarship program.  Without this program, these kids would not be able to join in the fun of our triathlons, mud runs, or Exercise […]