We love to hear stories about our participants’ experiences at our events. If you have a story you’d like to share, please fill out our contact form and we will post it so it can serve as an inspiration to others!

My wife and I had 3 kids participate . . . and they all had a great time. I have experience running very large non-profit events myself, and I can really appreciate the massive logistical challenges of that event. You hit it out of the park with your marketing and organization. Huge congratulations to you and thanks for doing this.

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My kids are still talking about their triathlon and have told everyone they possibly can! They wore their medals for at least 2 days to show everyone that they did a tri. And each night their medals watch them sleep (only their most important things watch them sleep – a high honor). After finishing, they were already asking to do it again.
A huge congratulations and thank you to you and everybody involved. The event was fantastic and fantastically run. Our daughter had a blast and is already asking when she can do it again.
Our daughter has a new found love for triathlons and it all stemmed from your program. She has gained a lot of confidence and has become a healthier child as a result.
Our son had a blast. It was his first triathlon, but he kept saying “this is the best triathlon ever”. The rain and storms were not going to keep us away. My nieces both decided to do it and loved it, too!