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The Athlete of the Year program is designed to help raise funds and awareness for Tri 4 Schools.  Starting in 2014, we selected one male and one female athlete to be our official ambassadors for the year – champions of our cause and the face of a healthy lifestyle!

Our 2018 Athlete of the Year is Matt Wulff!

Matt planned to complete Ironman Wisconsin, but suffered a knee injury that has changed his goals for 2018.  He is now focused on cycling, improving his nutrition, and recovering from his knee surgery in August.

You can support Matt by visiting his fundraising page.

matt wulff tri 4 schools


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What does being Athlete of the Year mean for me?

  • You will receive either personal or small-group coaching to help you be successful on race day
  • Tri 4 Schools will provide you with official racing gear
  • You will be part of our media campaigns, events, and contribute to blog spotlights throughout your journey
  • Be a role model and inspire young athletes

What is expected of me?

  • Train for large scale athletic event
  • Raise $5,000 for Tri 4 Schools
  • Promote Tri 4 Schools among friends and family to help raise awareness of our mission
  • Wear Tri 4 Schools gear in and around race week
  • Wear Tri 4 Schools gear on race day
  • When possible, attend youth events, programs, and youth clinics as spokesperson


For more information, please check out our Athlete of the Year Promo Sheet, or e-mail

Not ready for the $5,000 commitment, but still want to make an impact on the health of kids in our community?  With our Racing Team, with a $500 fundraising commitment and some cool training gear.  Check out the info here.

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  1. Jennie September 21, 2014 at 11:43 am Permalink

    Good morning!

    My name is Jennie Mattern-Bicksler and I am a special education teacher and Girls on the Run coach at a Elvehjem elementary school. I am also an avid triathlete and MyTeam Triumph ‘angel’. This summer I completed my first half Ironman and raising funds for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Last week I registered for Ironman Wisconsin 2015 and am looking for an organization to partner with and raise funds for over the next 12 months. In August, at a back-to-school training, Paul Stitch and I talked about Tri 4 Schools. I’d love more information about bringing your program to our school. His wife Judy, just mentioned me in a comment on Facebook, recommending I consider getting more information about your Athlete Of The Year program too! Both Judy and Paul have been such a huge encouragement and inspiration to me and my quest to inspire and encourage kids to ‘tri’ hard at school and in the community!

    This past weekend I completed my first marathon. It was so fun to share pictures and stories with kids. When asked if I had won the event I explained that it’s way more important to dream big, work hard, persevere and finish strong than win. A finish is always a finish and there is a victory in seeing things through, no matter how slowly or how quickly you get there. I feel so privileged to teach about perseverance, endurance, as well as the importance of healthy nutrition, hydration and movement!

    Three years ago I had to have a radical hysterectomy, after which I gained weight due to changes in my metabolism. I recently weighed in 40 pounds lighter. Although I am grateful about weighing less, I have decided that no matter what the scale says at any given point I am determined to be thankful. Gaining strength is my real focus. It is vital to share that message with kids, especially young women!

    I am so grateful for every minute I spent swimming, cycling and running this past year. Along the way I have learned to quiet the voice inside my head that says ‘I can’t’ and come to realize I can and I will. I am amazed at the me I have become and the strength I’ve gained through determination, perseverance, and yes… a lot of blood, sweat and tears. I am also tremendously appreciative for all the love, support and friends I’ve found along the way! Thanks for your time and consideration. I look forward from hearing from you soon.

    Warm regards,

  2. Jen Wiesner September 21, 2014 at 1:51 pm Permalink

    I am a teacher at a rural school in NE Wisconsin and I am currently training for Ironman WI 2015. My training year will consist of the Green Bay Cellcom half marathon, Door County Half Iron Man and Ironman WI. I would love if my training could benefit my students.

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