Fundraising With Us

Thank you for considering raising money to support our mission!  We’re honored that you share our belief in healthy, active kids and schools.  We’re here to support you in your fundraising journey, whether you’re training for your first triathlon, the Boston Marathon, or even one of our youth events!

How do I get started?

First, consider a fundraising goal.  If your goal is $500 or more, you should strongly consider becoming part of our Racing Team.  This includes some training gear to help you raise awareness while raising funds, too!

If you’re thinking of starting smaller, you can create a fundraiser at any time by visiting the Crowdrise website.  After creating an account, you can easily create a page for the event you are training for, or join a fundraiser for a pre-existing event (like Ironman Wisconsin).

From there, you can easily add personalized photos, text, and share your page with friends and family!

Are there other ways I can support Tri 4 Schools?

Of course!  We keep a running list of fundraising ideas here.


One of our longtime volunteers, Kristen Dresen, uses her Beautycounter business to support Tri 4 Schools with donations and prizes for our events.  We love Beautycounter’s mission of healthy, safe products for kids and families.

Shop Kristen’s site HERE and simply select “Support Tri 4 Schools” when you begin.

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