Nutrition Ideas

In this day and age, we are constantly on the go. From work, to picking up our kids from school, to soccer games, piano practice, play dates, you name it. We often are too busy running around to sit down to a nice home-cooked meal! This could be dangerous to your health. The sad truth is that we could very easily consume over 1000 calories in under 5 minutes when you hit up that drive thru on the way home.  So how can we avoid this and make healthy choices for our kids and ourselves on the go? The key is preparation. Here are some helpful hints to eating right on-the-go!


Still stuck? Here are some more tips to staying healthy when in a hurry:

  • Use the internet! Do a little research online to find the nutritional information of the fast food restaurants you like to hit up to see what healthy option they provide. The internet is a beautiful, knowledgeable thing. If you look up the nutritional information for a restaurant just once, you tend to remember which items to stay away from for the rest of your life.
  • Substitute! Most fast food restaurants have fruit and vegetable sides to substitute for fries and more nutrient dense drinks instead of soda. That will cut your calorie intake in half!
  • Go grilled! When ordering chicken sandwiches, the grilled option is the better option! Who needs all that extra breading anyway, when you already get the sandwich on a bun?
  • Be aware of portion sides.  There is no need for anyone to ever super-size a meal. Period.
  • Better yet—pack a snack! Keep a box of granola bars in the glove compartment or grab a banana before you leave for work in the morning for those times when you are just too hungry to make it home for dinner. Keep baggies of nuts and dried berries on hand and cut-up veggies in the fridge, so they are easy to grab when in a hurry!


There are plenty of ways to stay healthy when on-the-go!  Making the health of your family your top priority makes it easy to prepare ahead of time and make the right choices!