Do I need to have my gear loaded in transition by a specific time? How does the transition load in and load out process work on the event day?

Unlike many adult triathlons, we do a rolling load-in/load-out for our transition area. This means that throughout the event morning, our transition captain and volunteers in the transition area will let you know when you can set up your gear and when you can enter transition to remove your gear. They will also provide guidance as to where to set up your items based on which course you are completing. Since some athletes may be actively racing while you are there to load in or out, you may have a short wait before you can enter the transition area.

The earliest that the transition area opens is 7am on the morning of the event. We recommend that you arrive 45-60 minutes prior to the start time of your specific course to allow time to complete body marking and prepare your items in transition before heading to the swim staging area to start your race. If you have multiple children participating in different courses, you may load in all of their gear at the same time; just communicate with our transition area volunteers and they will assist you.