Tri 4 Schools Training Teams are 8-10 week after-school programs that use swimming, biking, and running to promote a positive relationship between physical activity, and mental and emotional health. The program culminates with the kids participating in the Waunakee Kids Triathlon on May 18, 2024 or the Madison Bike+Run on June 15, 2024.

Afterschool Program

Training Teams provides a safe and enriching environment for students to engage in educational and recreational activities, fostering their personal growth.


By offering scholarships, equipment, transportation, and inclusive programming designed to accommodate diverse needs and circumstances, we provide all children with equal access.

Supports Schools!

Event registration fees are donated back to your school to bridge funding gaps, and support initiatives that enrich educational opportunities and enhance the overall learning experience.

Build Confidence & Resiliency

The curriculum empowers kids to develop resilience and confidence by teaching them valuable life skills, problem-solving strategies, and fostering a growth mindset.

Team Building

The program cultivates better peer relationships and teamwork by promoting effective communication, empathy, and cooperation among the kids, fostering a stronger sense of unity and collaboration.


Kids spend time learning about mindfulness. Engaging in mindfulness activities can reduce stress, enhance focus, and improve overall mental wellbeing.

Registration Details:

The number, location and age requirements of Training Teams is dependent on funding and school interest in the program. Most of our training teams are held after school and coached by teachers from that school. Program registration includes multisport event entry, Training Team t-shirt, afterschool snacks at each practice, and an amazing experience.

Interested in training with us, but can’t make the event date? No problem! Select the “At-home” race course when you register for your team.  You’ll still be a registered participant at the event and can do the actual race whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Visit the FAQ page for more details.




Training Team Details:

Blessed Sacrament 1-8 Wed 3:30-5PM 3/6/2024 Madison Bike+Run
Elvehjem Elementary 3-5 Tu/Th 2:35-3:55PM 4/2/2024 Waunakee Triathlon
Glacier Edge Elementary 4-5 Mon/Wed 2:15-3:30PM 4/3/2024 Waunakee Triathlon
Glenn Stephens Elementary 3-5 Tu/Th 2:45-4:15PM 4/2/2024 Madison Bike+Run
Gompers Elementary K-5 Wed 3:45-5:30PM 3/6/2024 Madison Bike+Run
Granite Ridge 3-8 Mon/Wed 3:15-4:45PM 3/18/2024 Waunakee Triathlon
Heritage Elementary 1-4 Tu/Th 2:40-4PM 4/2/2024 Waunakee Triathlon
Kromrey Middle School 5-6 Mon/Wed 3:45-5PM 3/18/2024 Waunakee Triathlon
Leopold Elementary 1-4 Tu/Th 2:45-4PM 4/8/2024 Madison Bike+Run
Mendota Elementary 4-5 Wed 2:30-4PM 3/20/2024 Madison Bike+Run
Midvale Elementary 1-2 Wed 2:40-4PM 4/13/2024 Madison Bike+Run
Northside Elementary 3-4 Wed/Th 2:45-4PM 4/3/2024 Waunakee Triathlon
Nuestro Mundo K-5 Tu/Thu 2:45-4PM 3/19/2024 Waunakee Triathlon
Sandburg Elementary K-5 Tu/Wed 3:40-4:55PM 4/1/2024 Waunakee Triathlon
Sugar Creek Elementary 4-5 Mon/Wed 2:20-3:35PM 4/4/2024 Waunakee Triathlon
Sunset Ridge Elementary 3-4 Tu/Th 2:45-4:15PM 4/2/2024 Waunakee Triathlon
West Middleton K-4 Tu/Th 2:45-4PM 4/2/2024 Waunakee Triathlon
Westside Elementary 2-5 Mon/Tu 3:00-4:30PM 4/1/2024 Madison Bike+Run
Wright Middle School 6-8 Mo 2:40-4:15PM, Th 4:15-5:45PM 4/1/2024 Waunakee Triathlon

Interested in starting a team?

Are you a teacher, parent, or community member interested in starting a Training Team? Please contact Rachael Hagen at for more information.



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