Grants 4 Schools 

Physical education departments are often overlooked and underfunded. As a Birdie Derby participant, you know that activity is the key to being healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. That’s why 100% of proceeds from the Birdie Derby stay in the community and support Dane County schools and community centers. The Grants 4 Schools program provides financial assistance, equipment, other resources, and direct funding to enhance educational opportunities and allow children to be active in a safe environment. 

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About Tri 4 Schools

Grants 4 Schools is a program of Tri 4 Schools. Tri 4 Schools is a Dane County nonprofit that supports the wellbeing of kids inside and outside the classroom through multisport events, afterschool programs, financial assistance to families, and grants. Tri 4 Schools exists to support students and their underfunded schools. That’s why 100% of youth entry fees are donated directly back to schools. 



Glen Stephens recently received a grant that brought smiles to every child’s face on their birthdays. With the grant funds, the school was able to purchase a delightful cart filled with fun and exciting gifts. Now, each student can look forward to their special day at school, knowing they’ll receive a small gift that adds a touch of joy and celebration to their educational journey. This thoughtful initiative not only fosters a sense of belonging but also creates lasting memories for the students, making their birthdays at school truly unforgettable.


Sandburg Elementary received GagaBall pit that was creatively painted by students. The addition of a GagaBall pit to the elementary school has had a profound impact on the students’ well-being and engagement. During and after school, kids eagerly gather around the pit to enjoy this fast-paced and inclusive game, fostering friendships and encouraging physical activity. It has become a hub of social interaction, promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, and healthy competition among the students. The GagaBall pit has not only enhanced their physical fitness but also provided an avenue for students to unwind, reduce stress, and increase their enthusiasm for coming to school each day.



Lake View Elementary received hats and gloves that allow all children to play outside during the Wisconsin winters. Supplying the school with hats and gloves has had a heartwarming impact on the students, especially those who didn’t have access to these essential items. Now, during the chilly months, every child can enjoy outdoor recess without fear of the cold. It has not only ensured their comfort but also encouraged outdoor play, fostering physical activity and social interaction. This simple act of providing warmth has improved the overall well-being and inclusivity within the school, allowing all students to participate in the joy of recess, irrespective of their circumstances.


Tri 4 Schools

We’re supporting the well-being of kids inside and outside the classroom.
Since 2011, we’ve donated over $450,000 to over 200 schools and 22,000 kids have crossed the finish line!