Minds in Motion is a six week/twelve lesson run training program for kids K-8. This program is designed
to prepare kids both physically and mentally for a 5K fun run with hopes that they will carry these skills forward and continue to challenge themselves physically and mentally in the future.

Minds in Motion focuses on 3 Pillars: Community, Fitness & Perseverance.

Kids who complete our program should be able to not only define these words but should have improved their connection to all three. The carefully designed curriculum incorporates activities that will build the kids’ fitness levels, encourage them to persevere in a community environment while helping their community raise money.


Kindness, teamwork, helping others, working together, respect for self and others.


Movement, health, exercise, outlet for mental health, skill development, fun.


Work ethic, confidence, goal setting, focus.

Minds in Motion is currently being hosted as an afterschool program, located at school.


DATES: week of 10/7-week of 11/11 (6 weeks/twice a week)

FUN RUN: Wednesday 11/20, location TBD

PRICE: $125


  • 6 week training program
  • Fun run
  • Swag
  • Discount code for Birdie Derby

Participating Schools: 

Midvale Elementary

Sandburg Elementary

Sauk Trail Elementary

West Middleton Elementary

Nuestro Mundo Elementary

Don't see your school? Reach out to us at info@tri4schools.org to start a team!

All proceeds from Minds in Motion are donated DIRECTLY to the school your child is participating from.

Participants and their families receive a discount to participate in the Birdie Derby (formerly the Berbee Derby) held on Thanksgiving Day!


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