My child cannot ride a two-wheeler by themselves. What types of bikes are children able to use in the events?

If your child is not yet comfortable riding a two-wheeler bike, they can participate on a bike with training wheels, a balance (glider) bike, a tricycle, or even a big wheeler. We do not allow stand-up scooters or any type of roller skates or inline skates. Please contact us if you have a question about a specific type of “bike” you are considering using for the triathlon. We recommend that if your child is using a balance bike or training wheels that they register for the Short course option.

We need help with a bike, helmet, or race equipment. What do we do?

We are dedicated to changing the face of triathlon, and its perception as a privileged sport, by reducing barriers to participation and providing access to all who wish to “tri.”

We are happy to help with equipment needs, and our partnerships with donors and local organizations allow us to provide bikes, shoes, and helmets to children who need it.

If your child needs something to help them succeed on race day, please email at least 4 weeks prior to your race, and we’ll work together on a solution.

What time do I arrive on race day?

For triathlons, we recommend arriving 45-60 minutes prior to the start of your event to allow for parking, body marking, and preparing your gear in the transition area. When you get to the event, head to the Registration area and we’ll guide you through this process.

If you’re coming for a mud run, we recommend showing up 30 minutes prior to the wave start time that you select when registering for the event.

Please note that start times are an estimate. While we work to remain on the posted schedule, we may adjust start times slightly as needed to make sure all participants are able to safely complete their course.

What do I do if my child isn’t a strong swimmer?

Any child who is registered in our Short or Intermediate course can use a water noodle (that we provide at the event) to complete their swim portion. If your child is registered in the Medium or Long course, they must be able to complete the swim distance without assistance. We will have lifeguards in the pool for all course distances and they can help temporarily assist children if needed. We cannot allow personal flotation devices per pool rules – items such as water wings, puddle jumpers, or inner tubes. We do suggest that you work with your child to make sure they are comfortable swimming the distance in the pool in advance of the event. If they are not comfortable with the swim portion, consider registering them for a shorter distance course that your child will be able to complete successfully.