Do you offer any type of financial assistance to join a team?

We believe that nothing should stand in the way of your child’s health. Because of this, we offer financial assistance to join a team. Simply follow the prompts in the registration process, and we will find an appropriate fee that works for your family.

Is there a fee for a site to host the program?

There is no fee for a site to start a training team. There is a program fee for each individual student to participate. The fee includes their entry to the triathlon they are training for.

How do I know which course distance to select when registering for a team?

Because all team members are automatically registered for the triathlon, we ask which course you would like to participate in when you register for the team. Select what you are most comfortable with at the time. Your coach will review all distances and work with each student to make appropriate course changes prior to participating in the triathlon.

How do I start a team?

Please send a message to Rachael Hagen ( to learn more and get started!